Arena Bucket List: United Center – Chicago Blackhawks (1/30)

Game attended? April 1, 2009 vs the St. Louis Blues and January 22, 2017 vs the Vancouver Canucks

Where is the arena? West of Chicago

Why is it worth visiting? I have visited the United Center twice. The first time was in 2009 and I only made it through one period after suffering a concussion while trying to obtain cotton candy. I made it through the entire game during my second visit in 2017. The Blackhawks have very passionate fans who sell out the arena every game. One interesting tidbit is that all fans applaud and cheer during the National Anthem. If you aren’t expecting this, it can be confusing. I was rooting for the Canucks during the 2017 game and everyone was very polite to me.

Cons of the arena? Beware of the concussion-causing concrete walls.

Do they sell cotton candy? Not anymore and I think I am the reason why.