I have always been drawn to magazine design and since interning at Alternative Press Magazine, I have a new appreciation for the time and creativity that goes into a magazine. Highlight Magazine was created with some friends in the fall of 2011 and I have served as the Art Director since. All creative aspects of Highlight were conceived and designed by me. My duties include aiding in the production of monthly issues, live concert photography, and the arrangement of press opportunities. To view the issues of Highlight, visit us at

Examples of spreads from a variety of issues and Kodaline's cover I photographed for Issue 39.
Covers I have photographed – Issues 13, 16, 20, 26, 31 and 39

As an intern at Alternative Press Magazine, I was given the responsibility to assist in the production and design of the monthly magazine from May to August. I was mainly tasked the font-of-magazine pages as well as managing the placement of advertisements. I designed web banners and updated individual bands' pages on their website. 

My favorite project while at AP was assisting the design team on the theme and materials for the Alternative Press Tour in the fall of 2011. Materials included magazine advertisements, web banners and a table cloth. 

Examples of a "Style" spread and an advertisement for Warped Tour that was featured in an AP issue.
Spreads and images designed for AP's monthly magazine and mini mag (sold at Hot Topic).

Sauvage was a group project in my Visual Communication class at Loyola. My group (three people total) was tasked in creating a magazine for a topic that does not already exist, which is how we chose the topic of Cannibalism. Using a clean design style, we created the magazine in the same fashion as Martha Stewart Living or Food & Wine. We decided on magazine content as a team and all approved the final layout. 

My job during the design process was "Ad/Public Relations". I found the potential in existing advertising and adapted them to the cannibal market through Photoshop manipulation. Changes included a Barilla pasta sauce ad into Livilla and changing a Nespresso ad into blood-on-demand maker. We took advantage of the numerous puns inherent to the topic of food and apparent in existing advertising to create a fictional world where name-brands seek cannibals as consumers.