Meet The Students Interactive Webpage

This webpage was a group effort between me and YFU's Information Technology department and Marketing Consultant. We sketched out a design and worked with attributes that already existed on YFU's website. After the sketch was digitally translated, the designs were coded. 

ICONS: One of my main duties in this project was illustrating the icons that go along with each students profile. Each student is assigned an interest under the categories Music, Sports, Activities and Academic. When hovered over, the icon displays the name of the interest (i.e. Music-Listen, Swimming). 


Mocked up and designed new landing pages to use along with advertising campaigns. Eliminated the site navigation to encourage users to fill out the contact me form and avoid leaving the designated page. Designed a 'Thank You' page that loads when a user fills out the contact me form.  

Landing page for study abroad programs. Linked via ads placed on Google and various other platforms. 

Automated Thank You page appears when a user fills in the contact box located on the study abroad landing page

Landing page example for students that are interested in studying abroad in the US on a scholarship from Bard.

Homepage when YFU Alumni log into their online account. 



Created User Interface and Experience mock design of an app for Highlight Magazine. These mockups were designed using Sketch for an iPhone 6 template. They include some of Highlight's most visited pages (issues, news and photo galleries) as well as a loading and home screen. 

Loading Screen
Home (Design includes a preview of some content. Additional content pages can be found in the side menu bar.)
Issues (Design includes all issues previewing the cover image and the issues individual page.)
Photo Galleries